Tilta Nucleus-M Wireless Lens Control System Partial Kit I

Tilta Nucleus-M Wireless Lens Control System Partial Kit I




  • 3-channel wireless lens control system
  • Full control of focus, iris, and zoom
  • Wireless FIZ hand unit
  • Brushless wireless motor with built-in drive
  • Motor easily clamps onto 19mm or 15mm rods
  • Offers wireless range up to 1,000 feet
  • 0.8 mod, 32 pitch standard gear for cine lenses
  • Follow Focus marking disks included
  • Ideal for drone or car-mounted shots


Product Description


The Tilta Nucleus-M is a revolutionary and highly customizable 3-channel wireless lens control system. It allows you to have full control of focus, iris, and zoom. You can split control of the channels between the hand unit and wireless hand grips (available separately) as you see fit with the push of a button. This Partial Kit I comes complete with a Wireless FIZ Hand Unit, Brushless Wireless Motor with 19mm Rod Support and 15mm Rod Bushings, Photographic Lens Follow Focus Adapter, 7-Pin to P-Tap Motor Power Cable, Follow Focus Marking Disks, Wireless FIZ Hand Unit Strap, and Battery Charger.

Wireless Operation

The hand unit offers a wireless range of up to 1,000 feet, and with a planned upcoming transmission upgrade the range can reach up to 1.25 miles! This makes it ideal for drone or car-mounted shots.

Built-In Motor Drive

The brushless motor has its own built-in motor drive that communicates directly with the hand unit and hand grips. Simply set the motor and hand unit/hand grips to the same channel and you will have full control. The motor also allows for automatic calibration of the lens as well as manual calibration if you are using lenses that don’t have hard end stops at close focus and infinity.

Ease of Use

The Brushless Wireless Motor Unit is designed to clamp onto 19mm or 15mm rods (with the included rod bushings). This clamp-on design allows you to easily attach and detach the motors without needing to remove any other accessory from your setup. The motor also features a 0.8 mod, 35 tooth, 32 pitch gear attached, which is the standard gear size for cinema lenses. It offers a torque of 2.5N·m at 14.8V.

Power Options

The hand unit is powered with two 18650 rechargeable batteries (batteries not included). When fully charged, the batteries in the hand unit last up to 10 hours. Simply plug the P-tap power cable into one of the motors and then daisy chain power to the rest of the motors with the short 7-pin to 7-pin cables. The motor can be powered through a power source that has a voltage output ranging from 7.2V-24V.

Multiple Configurations

The Nucleus-M Lens Control System offers multiple mounting options. The hand grips can be directly attached to optional rosette mounts for handheld operation. Use can also attach these grips to top bar-based gimbals using an optional Hand Grip to Gimbal Adapters or to ring-based gimbals with the optional Nucleus-M Hand Grip Universal Gimbal Ring Adapters.


What's in the Box


  • Nucleus-M Wireless Lens Control System Partial Kit I
  • Wireless FIZ Hand Unit
  • Brushless Wireless Motor with 19mm Rod Support and 15mm Rod Bushings
  • Photographic Lens Follow Focus Adapter
  • 7-Pin to P-Tap Motor Power Cable (74cm)
  • Follow Focus Marking Disks
  • Wireless FIZ Hand Unit Strap
  • 18650 Quad Battery Charger (Batteries Not Included)